Showcasing the best in creativity, vision and skill, Sina�s ethos is the pursuit of perfection, both personally and for her clientele, whom she works with on an intimate basis and with extreme attention to detail. Internationally recognised to be pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of design and functionality, she never forgets the importance of delivering projects to the highest possible specification.

     As well as an Interior Designer, Sina is a qualified Art Director and has been involved in the launch of many women�s magazines. In addition to her creative side, Sina�s skills as a communicator have contributed to the success of these magazines. A columnist in her own right, she has also acted as a ghost writer for Carole Smillie.

     Sina�s personable nature complements her professional desire for perfection, and her growing reputation has led to appearances on a variety of home TV programmes, which have showcased her unique style and design concepts.